Andy's 40th Birthday
My best friend, Maria, asked me to design a golf-themed invitation for her husband's 40th birthday. My first thought was "Caddyshack", but instead I went with a retro-style invitation.
Mansfield Soccer Referees
The Director of Referees at Mansfield Soccer Association asked me to redesign the emblem for their mentor shirts and design a banner for the fields that would help to remind spectators, in general, to respect MSA's referees.
Lake Ridge High School
Staff from Lake Ridge High School contacted me about designing an invite or ticket to their Senior Prom. The only direction or brief I was given was the theme: Around the World. I immediately thought of doing a passport book with a variety of country/passport stamps. 
Stripling Middle School 
This project was a custom order request from an Etsy customer. The customer was a member of Stripling Middle School's (Fort Worth, TX) PTA and was looking for a local designer to create a flyer for their upcoming fund-raiser.  She had given me an example flyer from the previous year's event and a theme -- subways & transportation. She needed two versions - black and full-color - so that they could be printed as leaflets on colored paper or as posters. I was inspired by the NYC subway system, specfically Massimo Vignelli's iconic subway signage. 
Cocktail Recipe Booklet
This project was my first custom order request (and first sale) from an Etsy customer. The woman wanted to put together a booklet of cocktail recipes for her daughter's birthday. She sent me 10 recipes and I made them into visually fun pages that her daughter could easily follow.
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